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An ultimate Guide For Getting More Likes On TikTok

how to get more likes on TikTok


Millions of people use TikTok to spend their time sharing and watching content. TikTok is a gateway for becoming famous and going viral across the world. Each day many new users join the platform to establish their talents globally. It is also a powerful place to promote your business and create brand awareness. You can reach many customers through TikTok as its active user count keeps growing daily.

By creating a profile on TikTok and joining its trends and challenges, you can increase your brand’s visibility. You can gain high popularity over the night with just one viral content. But you need to get the attention of the audience to get recognition. Engagements like views, followers and likes are essential to get famous among other competitors. What can you do to get more likes on your videos? In this article, let us find the solution for obtaining more likes on TikTok.

Why Are Likes Significant On TikTok?

TikTok likes are essential to gain popularity and getting an opportunity to feature your videos on For You Page. Some of the impacts of likes on your TikTok account are:

Effect On The Algorithm:

Likes are one of the primary factors considered by the TikTok algorithm to promote your videos to the audience.

Bring More Likes:

TikTok users decide whether the account is follow-worthy based on the likes of your content. Having more likes on your videos will attract the audience to engage with the content by liking and sharing it. Consequently, the number of likes and followers of your profile will increase

Effect On Fyp:

TikTok analyses the user’s interactions to personalize their For You feed. If more users like your video, it can get a chance to appear on their  FYP page. 

Key Insights To Get More TikTok Likes

You need more interactions on your content to get fame or to promote your brand. Here are some tactics to gain more likes on your TikTok videos to boost your presence.

# Hold Your Audience’s Attention

It is proven that over time, TikTok users lose their attention in watching the content. Therefore to quickly gain their attention, you need to create captivating videos. Your content must catch their eyes so they won’t skip it while scrolling through TikTok. The beginning of your content must be impressive to hook the audience for making them watch it until the end. Start your videos in a storytelling way or with appealing or funny visuals.

TikTok users like videos that are related to them and their life in some way. Make contents that can be relatable to the viewers to grab their attention and gain more likes.

Use a hook line in the beginning if you are creating informative content. Do not jump into the content straightly and start by saying the topic of your content with expressive adjective words. 

# Enhance Your TikTok Profile

You can use niche-relevant keywords on your profile to make it easy for users to discover you. Fill your TikTok profile with trendy and accurate information about the content you post. This will help the audience who like content similar to your videos to find you. The following are some valuable tips to optimize your TikTok profile:

  • Choose the best profile photo for your account to look unique from others and to get easily recognized. 
  • You must have a memorable and catchy username to make your handle look appealing. The username must be short and easy to pronounce so the audience can easily remember your account. 
  • Keep your profile a public account to enable new audiences to see and view your content. 
  • If you run a website, paste its link in your profile to gain audiences for the site from TikTok. 
  • Add keywords relevant to your content or brand in the TikTok profile bio. For instance, if you make craft videos, include keywords like crafting and craft artist in your bio.
  • Insert the links of your other social media like Instagram, Youtube channel and Facebook on the profile. 

#Enable Mutual Connection Feature

By enabling the mutual connection feature, the TikTok algorithm will suggest your videos to friends of friends. Through this feature, you can get more views and likes as TikTok promote your videos on the people with mutual connection FYP feeds. And if these people like your video, it can also reach many users’ TikTok For You Page. To activate the feature:

  • Find the menu option at the top right corner of your TikTok account and tap it to see Settings and Privacy.
  • Select the privacy option.
  • Select the setting called ‘Suggest your account to others’.
  • Enable the switch beside ‘People with mutual connection’. This will permit TikTok to recommend your content to friends of friends FYP.
  • In addition, you can tap the switches like ‘connect Facebook friends’ to make your videos reach familiar people, which will help you to gain more likes.

# Become A Member Of The Community

TikTok has various communities which are categorized based on the area of interest and niche. You can form a good connection with your favorite content creators by joining communities. Interact with their videos; in return, they will comment and like your content. You can also boost the number of views, comments  by making duet and stitch videos with famous influencers from the community. Through this, you can support the creators and increase your popularity among many users.

 Also, it is not necessary to stick to a single community; you can be a part of different ones and provide valuable and likeable content to the audience. Respond to all the comments on your videos to show your acknowledgement to the viewers. This will encourage them to interact more with your content by liking and commenting. 

# Be Active

If you analyze popular TikTok creators, you can see them making videos throughout the day. Posting content frequently helps to increase your profile’s visibility and reach new audiences. Prepare a plan to post your videos consistently to gain more views and likes. You can attract genuine viewers by following a proper daily or weekly schedule for creating content.

Keep posting content actively on your profile even if you didn’t get many interactions on the first few videos. This helps the users to remember you and gradually enables you to achieve more likes on your content.

# Create Accessible Content

Use closed captions on your videos when you speak or include voiceover to make them accessible for everyone. Add subtitles to your content to provide the best user experience for people who cannot hear properly or viewers watching the video with the volume off. You don’t have to type the subtitles; enable it just by clicking the auto-captions button while editing.

Using the text-to-speech option, you can convert your voiceovers into text. Check the fonts of the text used in your videos are clearly visible before uploading. Choose light-coloured font for dark background videos and vice versa to ensure it is easy to read by all audiences.


If you aim to gain more likes on TikTok, ensure the quality of your videos. Content with good lighting and high-quality footage is most likely to attract viewers and obtain a large number of likes. Give exciting titles to your videos to capture the audience’s attention and make them check your content. Also, adding relevant hashtags in the video descriptions is an effective way to get more likes and views. 

Provide proper responses to the comments to promote your engagements which will land you on the TikTok For You Page. When your video appears on FYP, it has more chances to get millions of likes and views spontaneously. Create short and sweet videos to make the audience watch your video until the end, increasing the completion rate. The TikTok algorithm considers the completion rate for promoting your content to many users. Keep the points mentioned in the article in mind to understand the algorithm and improve the number of likes in your TikTok videos.

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