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Pro Tips To Get More Followers On TikTok

how to get more TikTok followers


TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms to showcase your talent across the world. It is also a great place to promote your brand online and gain many new customers, as it has nearly 1 billion active users. To become famous on TikTok, you need to enhance your presence on the platform. If you own a company, you need more audiences to create brand awareness and increase the sales of your products. Building a good relationship with targeted audiences helps to market your brand among them. 

You need more followers to succeed in promoting your business and gaining immense fame on TikTok. Having genuine followers on the TikTok account helps to skyrocket your business. Also, you need them to make your videos viral and present your thoughts. Now the question is, how do you get more followers on TikTok? Read the article to find successful tips for increasing your TikTok followers count.

Importance Of Followers On TikTok

Many companies across the world create profiles on TikTok to boost their brand awareness. You need to obtain more followers to gain a large audience for buying your products. Nowadays, people run to social media to find out the latest trends and get advice before purchasing stuff. You can connect with them by building a strong TikTok following and using it as your brand’s marketing strategy. Also, with a good following, you spread your content to audiences who will genuinely like them.

Developing followers is essential as it is connected with the For You Page, which increases the views of your videos. If a user follows you, your content will be seen on the user’s For You feed. This happens when they actively engage with your brand by following and liking your videos.  

Provide legitimate and accurate content to gain more followers as users look for genuine brands and people to follow. You must create quality videos that should be enjoyable for the users and engage them to increase the followers and views of your content.

How To Build A Solid Following On TikTok?

Building followers is an excellent way to gain genuine audiences for your brand and content. Here are some practical tips to obtain more followers on TikTok successfully. 

1. Get Featured On For You Page

For You feed on TikTok is a personalized page for users, and it is curated based on their activities. Every user has a unique For You feed, depending on their following and interactions. It is similar to Instagram’s Explore Page, and the contents in this feed have high opportunities to get more interactions.

Therefore by getting featured on For You page, you can obtain more followers to boost your brand and its content. Also, it helps to make your videos go viral and attract many audiences. Using the following methods, you can feature on TikTok FYP to build a good following:

Make A Lot Of Content:

You can increase your chances of landing on For You feed by posting many contents consistently. Do not delete your old TikTok videos if it doesn’t get interactions, as they can go viral suddenly when it appears on FYP. So post more videos in your account and wait to see if it gets featured, luckily.  Consequently, this brings a lot of new followers to your TikTok profile and spikes your content’s interactions.

Create Interesting Content:

Even if you have few followers, you can gain a vast following and go viral if you post excellent content. Create exciting contents that are trendy and relevant to your targeted audience to make it appear on For You Page. 

Ensure The Quality Of Your Videos:

By making high quality videos, you can feature your content on the TikTok page, which get more followers. Ensuring the quality of the footage is vital to attract viewers and making them engage with your content. For better lighting in your videos, use a light ring and set the frame. Edit your videos to make them captivating, and check whether the audio is clear.

2. Cross-Promotion On Other Social Media

According to a survey, many people worldwide use multiple social media apps simultaneously. Therefore, posting your videos on many social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can increase visibility and gain more followers on your TikTok account. 

When posting your content on other platforms, edit the videos according to the app’s guidelines. The maximum length of your TikTok videos can be 3 minutes, whereas, in Instagram reels, it is only 60 seconds. So trim your video according to the platform’s criteria and mention your TikTok profile or add its link to acquire new followers on TikTok.

3. Use The Duet And Stitching Features

Duet feature on TikTok is one of the interactive and cool approaches to increase your followers count. You can duet with other TikTok users, preferably famous influencers, to get more interactions on your profile. Post a duet video by responding, commenting or adding your ideas to the other user’s video. 

Duets attract people to engage with your content by sharing, liking and commenting. Thus it enhances your brand visibility and helps you to achieve more followers on TikTok.

Using stitch features, you can add a few seconds of other TikTok users’ videos to your content. You can include your ideas, like explaining a story, giving advice or recipes, providing a tutorial, etc., on the original video. Through this feature, you can drive more audience to your profile and make them follow you.

4. Creative Thinking

You need to stand out from others to grab the attention of the TikTok audience. Think of creative and unique content to post in your profile to get more interactions from the viewers. TikTok algorithm considers your profile’s engagement to boost it on top of the feed. Therefore you should make impressive and joyful videos to get many new followers. Use your sense of humour and make content for your brand in a funny way to make it interesting for the audience. 

5. Find The Interest Of Your Targeted Audience

By understanding the likes and dislikes of your targeted audience, you can make your contents appear on their FYP. You can use your other social media apps to know your targeted audience’s interests. Post polls and q&a on Instagram to know what your followers like to watch on TikTok. Also, mention your TikTok profile while interacting to obtain new followers from other social media platforms.

6. Track Your Niche Influencers

Monitor the niche-relevant influencers to get an idea for your content, as you both have the same targeted audience. By analyzing their profile, you can know what kind of features, hashtags, and background music helps to gain more followers. 

7. Launch Your Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag challenges are an effective way to go viral and rapidly increase your follower count. You can skyrocket the interactions by creating your own hashtag challenge. This boosts your brand mentions and creates awareness among many TikTok users. 

Most TikTok users love to participate in hashtag challenges as it is more fun to perform. So create a unique and interesting hashtag challenge to make the viewers hit the follow button. 


Gaining genuine followers can upscale your business or popularity on TikTok. You must work persistently and remain focused on producing new content if you aim to build a vast TikTok following. Post videos consistently to gain the audience’s trust, automatically making them follow your profile. If you own a company, include its details and services on your profile so that users will follow it confidently. Gaining massive followers on TikTok will be highly beneficial for your brand as you can get authentic followers.

Leverage the hashtags, features, challenges and popular trends to boost the visibility of your TikTok profile. Post your content at the perfect time for effectively reaching the targeted audiences. You can gain many new followers by promoting your videos on other social media platforms. Create videos in an appealing way which compels the audience to click the follow button on your TikTok profile. Also, use trending music on the content to get an opportunity for featuring on the TikTok For You Page, as it helps to drive more new audiences to your account.

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