Refund Policy

Whether it is possible to give away the refund?

The possible situation by which you will get your order refunded is that if we don’t deliver your products within 24 hours from time of placing an order.

If the allotted time for the delivery is more than 24 hours, then the refund is highly feasible after its due time. Anyways, If your order has been already delivered swiftly and ultimately, we will not be giving a refund.

If I have a different thought after placing an order, is it possible to cancel and refund?

We ( Raptum Digital ) provide refunds only when we haven’t placed the order. Still, if your order is in a reserved list or is in the processing state, after which your order has been placed and therefore it cannot be refunded.

The Safety of clients is one of the larger niches in every business sector. Every section has its own services just for fulfilling its rights and catering to consumer satisfaction. To overcome the unfavorable situations the refund policy has an inability for client satisfaction

Considering the user’s rights, we make the priority on the refund policy. Many purchasers seek the chance of getting a refund. Based on our repayment policies, the perfect way to obtain a refund is in the case by which you don’t get your order delivered at the given time.