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9 Best Strategies To Get More Views On TikTok

how to get TikTok views


Over a few years, TikTok has become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. It is a great app to interact with many people and share your content. TikTok has nearly 1 billion users who create and consume videos daily. The platform also acts as a powerful tool to promote your brand across millions of people. As so many new contents get evolve each day, it is vital to stand out from others to get more views. 

One viral video on TikTok can make you a star across the world. Achieving high views in your content is significant to get more interactions. With consistent efforts and good planning, you can trend your videos and become famous. Now, how do you increase the views on your videos? In this article, let us discuss some essential strategies to create trending content and get more views on TikTok.

What Is Meant By ‘views’ On TikTok?

There are several methods to count the views and interactions of a post in social media apps. In TikTok, if your video is viewed for 5 or more seconds, it is measured as a single view. If a TikTok user revisits your video or plays it in the loop, it will be considered a new view. But it won’t be counted as a view if you watch your videos. 

Essential Techniques To Get More Views On Your TikTok Videos

Views are the primary factor in getting massive fame on TikTok. It is not easy to gain views as there is high competition among millions of users. With the help of excellent strategies, you can obtain more views and make your content shine more than others. Here are some of the best tips to boost your engagement.

1. Create Short And Sweet Content

Unlike Youtube, TikTok audiences prefer to watch short videos rather than long ones. They like to watch short videos for quick entertainment in their free time. So if you want to gain more views, create short and valuable videos which attract the audience. Most TikTok viewers have a short time of attention and may skip your content if they find it too long or boring. Therefore it is vital to keep your videos less than 60 seconds, preferably 30 seconds. 

Your video must be engaging from the start to make the audience watch your content until the end. Your video’s completion rate will be affected if the viewer skips it before the end. It is essential to improve the completion rate because the TikTok algorithm considers it a significant element in promoting your video. A high completion rate will help you to reach more audiences which boosts the views of your content

2. Collaboration With Other TikTok Influencers

Collaborating with other TikTok influencers with similar audiences as yours is an excellent way to obtain more views on the platform. By teaming with them, you can get more opportunities to trend your video among a vast audience. It will be fun to work with other creators, and also you can gain some new knowledge from it. To initiate the process, you have to reach the influencers relevant to your niche for collaboration. Then find out if they are interested in working together on a new video and start the planning. 

3. Use Perfect Hashtags

Hashtags play a major role in increasing the views of your content on TikTok. The app’s algorithm uses hashtags as a factor to boost the visibility of your video and to promote it to the audience. With the use of trending hashtags that are relevant to your content, you can get more views. Also, avoid using a lot of hashtags in your content not to make it look spammy. By proper usage, you can see drastic increments in your videos’ view count. If your video gets more views, you can be featured on TikTok’s explore page and reach a much larger audience.

4. Provide Quality Videos

You must create high-quality content to gain the attention of the audience while they scroll their feed on TikTok. Your video must be enjoyable from the beginning till the end to make the audience watch it fully. Ensure you follow the below criteria to produce quality videos to gain more engagements and views. 

  • Lighting is essential to make your videos look good. Thus ensure your videos have good lighting, which attracts people to watch them.
  • Audiences most likely skip the video if it is shaky, so use a tripod to keep your camera steady. 
  • Edit and trim your videos to make them look likeable and better.

5. Post Videos Consistently

You need to be consistent in creating new content to enhance your visibility on TikTok. Through consistency in uploading videos, you can get a chance to feature on TikTok For You Page. Make videos based on trending daily routine topics to attract the audience. 

You can gain more followers when you upload more videos regularly. Consequently, the view count and your fame among the audience will increase. 

6. Make Use Of The Trending Effects

You can use trending effects on your videos to obtain more views as TikTok viewers keep looking for new entertaining content daily. Trending effects like using a green screen to make popular videos or duet with famous TikTok users helps you to gain more views. 

AR effects, slow zoom, no filter effect, time warp, and green-screen are some popular trending effects in TikTok. You can boost the visibility and audience by using these effects in your videos. It helps to enhance the visualization of your content and keep the audience hooked on it.  

7. Trending Audio

Use trending audio in your content to create a good impression on the audience’s mind. Sound is crucial to attract viewers, so add popular background music to your videos to increase their views. Also, trending audio will trigger the algorithm to promote your content to many people. 

Generally, the TikTok algorithm will recommend videos based on the previously watched contents of a user. Your video can reach users who love trends if you use trending audio. 

8. Join In TikTok Challenges

One of the fun and interactive methods to gain more views is participating in TikTok challenges. If you join in trending TikTok challenges, you can acquire more followers and promote your video to many people. Search and find popular challenges in TikTok and post a video of yourself in the account after completing them. 

Ensure you use the correct hashtags for the challenge so that other users can find your video while searching. 

9. Attract The Viewers

You need to gain the audience’s attention for increasing the view count. With the help of catchy music, funny content or attractive visuals, you can outshine other content. You can implement the following tactics to pull more views:

  • Provide content in an exciting way which makes the audience engage in your videos.
  • Use trendy sounds and background music in your content
  • Enhance your video by adding unique and captivating visuals.


TikTok is an effective platform for gaining maximum exposure as both a content creator and a brand owner. You have to gain more views to get featured on For You Page among thousands of competitors. Using the techniques mentioned above, you can rapidly increase the views of your videos. But make sure to try different strategies in your content to find the suitable one for you. Also, posting your videos at the right time based on the region of your targeted audience is essential to boost the views. 

Another valuable method for increasing engagement is stitching others’ content on your videos. You can add a few seconds of other videos and react to them to gain more views. Create suspenseful videos to make them as engaging as possible. To increase the watch time of your viewers, provide attention-grabbing contents that will hold their attention throughout the video. Share your TikTok videos on different social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to enlarge your audience. 

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