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Viral TikTok Hashtags to boost your brand in 2023?

viral TikTok hashtags


Tiktok is a leading and top social media platform with over 1.5 billion monthly active users. Many global and small brands use this platform to promote their business and increase their online visibility. The contents in TikTok go viral globally, which helps you to market your brand products. To popularize your business on TikTok, you need users to engage with your content. But it is not easy for your content to go viral as so much content gets uploaded daily on the platform. The best solution for becoming famous is using viral TikTok hashtags in your videos. 

Hashtags help TikTok users to find your videos quickly and enable the platform’s algorithm to categorise your content under relevant topics. You can reach your targeted audience, who will like your content using hashtags. It helps you to gain a large audience and potential customers for your brand. Hashtags enable the users to quickly understand the context of your video and make it appear on relevant search results. 

In this article, let us see what viral TikTok hashtags are and how to create a unique one. And how can you use them effectively to promote your brand?

Viral Tiktok Hashtags

Similar to social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Tiktok allows its users to add hashtags to their content. These hashtags help the users to search and find contents from users they do not follow. Tiktok provides personalised content for users on their For You Page (FYP). The algorithm uses the hashtags included in the videos and understands their context to promote the videos to relevant users. 

Thus for marketing your brand, you can use these hashtags, which allows the algorithm to spread your videos to the targeted customers. It is the best idea to promote your brand as it can quickly reach many people across the platform. Under the “Discover” tab, you can see the list of viral TikTok tags used by millions of people. 

What Are The Most Popular Tiktok Hashtags?

Some TikTok hashtags trend consistently for a long time while others for a short period. Here are some of the most popular hashtags that gained tremendous views in TikTok:













These hashtags are constantly popular and gain more views. But they also have high competition as they get used in several TikTok videos daily. You can see many videos with fewer views by scrolling down to a hashtag page. The reason for this is not using the correct hashtag in videos. 

You need to research popular hashtags related to your targeted customers and use them in the content for better results. Or learn about relevant hashtags if you plan to create a new one to trend your brand. 

Tiktok Hashtags To Get More Likes

Categories of TikTok hashtags like educational, funny content, food and health-related, and hashtags to learn cooking, crafting, etc. These hashtags categories can help to obtain more likes on your TikTok videos. 

Popular Hashtags For Funny Content:








Popular Educational Hashtags:









Popular Hashtags For Motivational Content:








Popular Food-Related Hashtags:








Popular Health-Related Hashtags:








These are some of the hashtags that are used by many people and gain more likes. But it is not guaranteed that using these hashtags in your videos will bring more likes. So the only solution to get more engagement and likes is adding relevant hashtags to your brand in the content. 

Having the right hashtags in your videos is essential to stand out from others. By choosing the related hashtag, you can promote your content directly to the users who may like it. 

How To Find Perfect Tiktok Hashtags For Your Videos?

With complete research into hashtags, you can find the best hashtags to get high engagement in TikTok. How to perform hashtag research to increase brand visibility?

You can easily find a list of popular hashtags that rank higher in TikTok.  But to obtain the best result, you need the target area of your content. The following are the pro tips to create valuable hashtags for your videos:

1. Figure Out Your Targeted Audience

Among billion users, it is necessary to figure out your targeted audience for finding the perfect hashtags. There are different trending hashtags based on the interests of users. For example, sports and food-related videos have unique hashtags that help users find their desired content.

In TikTok, you can find various communities built using hashtags. Some of the popular communities listed by the platform are #BookTok, #ZodiacTikTok, #OlympicTikTok etc. 

Initially, find the community related to your brand to figure out the targeted audience. Through the community, you can identify the hashtags used by your targeted customers for searching their desired content. For instance, search #dress in hashtag communities if you have a clothing brand. Pick other relevant hashtags with high-engagement videos from that community. Use these hashtags in your videos to promote the brand and to get more customers. 

2. Monitor Your Competitors

While using trending hashtags that gain more views, keeping up with your competition is vital. As both of you have similar content, you can analyse and use the hashtags from their viral videos. To get an idea from those videos for boosting engagement in your content. 

Along with the business competitors, monitor the hashtags used by TikTok influencers of your niche. Tiktok influencers mostly spot and use hashtags that can go viral as they want to keep producing trending videos. Tiktok algorithm will categorize and serve your content to the viewers of these influencers if you use the same hashtags. It is a wise move to make a note of the hashtags employed by them in their content to promote your brand.

3. Be Early To See The Trending The Hashtags

Joining late on a trend may lead to losing your chances of going viral as it gets lost among thousands of videos with more likes under the same hashtag. Since more trendy hashtags are evolving each day, your targeted audience may move to new ones. Therefore monitor the latest TikTok trends constantly to make use of the relevant popular hashtags in your videos.

4. Know Your Audience Location

Since people from all over the world use TikTok, it is essential to know the time zones of your targeted audience. Through this, you can promote your content effectively to people from a particular region. For example, if your target audience is from Canada, posting your videos when Canadians are active on TikTok will boost engagement.


Tiktok is a growing platform where new hashtags get popular among millions of people every day. It is beneficial for marketing your brand and creating awareness among the targeted customers. Using the right hashtags and creating a new trend will make your content stand out among the competitors. Your content should be authentic and follow the guidelines of TikTok to grow your business successfully. 

Hashtags are the best-promoting tool that increases your videos’ visibility among the niche community. You can do a hashtag challenge to improve the engagements in your niche. It attracts more TikTok users to interact with your content and post their opinions. Also, you can gain more interactions from the audience by adding viral niche-relevant hashtags in your TikTok profile bio. This will help you reach the targeted customers interested in your brand products.

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